Piano Concerto

Both personality and work of Manuel Seco de Arpe (Madrid, 1958) have reached, in equal shares, maturity and acceptance.

Seco’s musical talent has been discovered after multiple awards since 1980. He is a very representative man of his generation (1961), with a strong individuality that is able to withstand any external pressure. He knows his will in every case, and he avoids a serious threat: meaningless composing. Academically trained in Madrid by Anton Garcia Abril and Carmelo Bernaola, the figure and expressive impulse of the basque musician exerted a strong appeal for Seco that never created a following role.

He goes to Italy as “Premio Roma”, and he works with Franco Donatoni, whose craft disciplines, passion for detail, constructivist will and apparently contradictory musical thinking features are admired by him.  I never omit, writing about Seco, his fond work alongside Samuel Rubio and Miguel Querol, that revealed him key aspects of the Renaissance and Baroque time.

Manuel Seco, within his plurality of procedures, strength of ideas, and the elegance of his thinking, takes the liberty of manipulating history, while waving conscience and emotion through music with no other reference than his own personal and strong voice.

(Enrique Franco’s notes from CD  Manuel Seco. Works for piano. Ópera Tres. Madrid)

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The last recording by NAXOS. July 2012